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The Circus at the End of the Sea by Lori Snyder

The Circus at the End of the Sea

The Circus at the End of the Sea

An incredible standalone debut about an orphan girl who discovers a magical circus, perfect for fans of Kelly Barnhill and Rebecca Stead!

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From the Author: Venice is one of the great loves of my life, and bringing stories to kids is another. With this in mind, I am thrilled to be partnering with the Venice Boys and Girls Club to donate copies of The Circus at the End of the Sea to their kids. This last year of no in-person schools or libraries has left many kids without access to books, and your donation will help the Venice Boys and Girls club improve literacy. If you would like to buy one or more copies to donate, that would be simply magical! If we can make it to 60 donated books, they can give one to each child in the right age group…and if each child gets one, I can personalized it to that child, which would thrill me no end.

Indicate here how many copies you would like to purchase for donation to the Venice Boys and Girls club, and I will hand-deliver them in late October 2021. Thank you!

Lori Snyder

About the Author—Lori Snyder

In an alternate universe, Lori Snyder is a circus performer—probably an aerialist wearing a lot of glitter. In this universe, she's had many different careers (none of which, sadly, are circus-related): marine biologist, fourth grade teacher, dancer, yoga teacher and studio owner, book editor, and writer. Venice Beach is one of the great loves of her life, as are kindness, delight, and the sea, and this book is her love letter to all of those.

Lori is also the founder of the Writers Happiness Movement, which offers free happiness tools to writers. You can find her at